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GearAlphaMask is a texture method Splatoon 2 uses to optimize and polish the game. Every single piece of gear, excluding headgear, has a GearAlphaMask texture assigned to it. The texture follows three simple rules:

  • Strictly black/white texture
  • White = solid, unaffected
  • Black = invisible

As mentioned, the game hides certain parts of the player base model based on where black is used on the image. The use of this method can prevent parts of the player base model clipping out, as well as optimizing the game by removing unnecessary polygons the player would not be able to see under normal circumstances. Some of the images are used for either gender, while others are exclusive to certain genders. The AlphaMask textures are applied to the male and female base models below:

Pants AlphaMask

Internal Name Image
Btm_00 Btm 00.png
Btm_01 Btm 01.png
Btm_02 Btm 02.png
Btm_03 Btm 03.png
Btm_04 Btm 04.png
Btm_05 Btm 05.png
Btm_06 Btm 06.png
Btm_07 Btm 07.png

Clothes AlphaMask

Internal Name Image
Clt_00 Clt 00.png
Clt_00_big Clt 00 big.png
Clt_00_wide Clt 00 wide.png
Clt_01 Clt 01.png
Clt_01_wide Clt 01 wide.png
Clt_02 Clt 02.png
Clt_02_wide Clt 02 wide.png
Clt_03 Clt 03.png
Clt_04 Clt 04.png
Clt_05 Clt 05.png
Clt_06 Clt 06.png
Clt_07 Clt 07.png
Clt_08 Clt 08.png
Clt_09 Clt 09.png
Clt_10 Clt 10.png
Clt_11 Clt 11.png
Clt_12 Clt 12.png
Clt_13 Clt 13.png
Clt_14 Clt 14.png
Clt_15 Clt 15.png
Clt_16 Clt 16.png
Clt_17 Clt 17.png
Clt_18 Clt 18.png

Shoes AlphaMask

Internal Name Image
Shs_00 Shs 00.png
Shs_01 Shs 01.png
Shs_02 Shs 02.png
Shs_03 Shs 03.png
Shs_04 Shs 04.png