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Textures are used to give models in-game color and depth. The types of textures are explained below. (Brief descriptions are being used to start this page off. Much more will be added later.)


Albedo, or Diffuse textures, are used to give models base colors. The textures are commonly ended with alb.

Normal Maps

Normal Map textures are used to mimic the lighting of depth. The texture is most commonly a blue-purple color with varying hues of pink, purple, blue, and (when it comes to more dramatic effects), and yellow-green. The textures are commonly ended with nrm.

Color Image Light Bounce Direction
Light Blue NormalMapDefaultBlue.png No change, base color
Light Green-Yellow NormalMapGreenYellow.png Light bounces north
Light Pink NormalMapLightPink.png Light bounces east
Purple NormalMapPurple.png Light bounces south
Blue NormalMapBlue.png Light bounces west