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This page may be incomplete, as some areas may be very hard/near impossible to analyze.

Play Reports/SplatNet2

The data for this section was obtained on 4.1.0, with some 3.1.0 elements because of its inclusion of function names.

Events that have been dumped have been analyzed from a prepo dump. If not, the attributes have been assumed from a disassembler. Events that have very incomplete documentation have no or little analysis due to a large amount of unknown properties. Some events are called from obfuscated functions. Those events are very hard to analyze, so they will be extremely incomplete.

Function names will use the 3.1.0 symbol table name if possible. Otherwise, it will be the 4.1.0 IDA name.

Event ID Function Name Dumped Very Incomplete Obfuscated Trigger Notes
N/A Cmn::PlayReport::prepareAndGetPlayReport 🞬 🞬 N/A This is prepended to every event unless otherwise noted
N/A Cmn::PlayReport::addVersusCommonKeyValueImpl_ 🞬 🞬 N/A This is prepended to certain events
boot_ch_event sub_7101242EFC 🞬 Boot Appears to upload some hashes
boot_event2 Cmn::PlayReport::saveBootEventMain_ 🞬 🞬 Boot Uploads a lot of information, including settings, character, and versus statistics
boot_mission_detail_event Cmn::PlayReport::saveBootEventMission_ 🞬 🞬 Boot Uploads mission information, such as completed levels and collectibles
coop_ch_event sub_7100DC6ECC 🞬 Unknown
coop_online_result_event Game::Coop::ResultPlayReport::save 🞬 🞬 Salmon Run results Uploads various Salmon Run match statistics, such as rank and map
invalid_connection_player sub_710116AF60 🞬 Unknown Possibly caused by connection errors
invalid_setting_event sub_7100255370 🞬 🞬 Unknown
match_coop_finish_event2 Game::Coop::ResultPlayReport::save 🞬 Salmon Run results Uploads more Salmon Run match statistics, such as eggs collected and difficulty
match_vs_finish_event2 Cnet::VersusMatchmakeExe::onSendPlayReportMatchEnd 🞬 🞬 Versus results
mission_octa_stage_result_event Game::SeqMgrMissionOcta::doPlayReport_ 🞬 🞬 Octo Expansion station results Uploads Octo Expansion station completion statistics, such as money, completion time, and station ID
mission_stage_result_event Game::SeqMgrMission::doPlayPeport_ 🞬 🞬 Octo Canyon stage results Uploads Octo Canyon stage completion statistics, such as power eggs, weapon used, and upgrades
runtime_undisplayed_error Cmn::SaveDataVss::UdemaeX::validate 🞬 🞬 Unknown
runtime_undisplayed_error Cnet::Utl::tryGetNetworkServiceAccount 🞬 🞬 Unknown
runtime_undisplayed_error Game::OnlineVersusResultExe::stateUploadXPower 🞬 🞬 Unknown
versus_ch_event sub_7100DC6BE4 🞬 Unknown
versus_death_event2 Game::SeqMgrVersus::savePlayReportDeathEvent_ 🞬 🞬 Versus player death Unknown if this only affects the current player or uploads data from other players
versus_other_event sub_710117F144 🞬 🞬 Versus results Uploads various match information about other players, such as score and MMR
versus_result_event2 Game::SeqVersusResult::savePlayReport_ 🞬 🞬 Versus results Uploads various match information, such as current gear and score