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Deep Sea Knowledge:Sandbox

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'''This is a sandbox for testing edits - content can be added and deleted by anybody at any time, so don't store anything important here. Make your changes below this line.'''
<syntaxhighlight lang="Pythoncsharp" line='line'>def quickSortpublic static InputPkg ReadPkg(arrUsbCtx ctx): less { if (!ctx.isSet) SetCtx(ctx);  var buf = new byte[0x10]; var pkg = new InputPkg();  ctx.Read.Read(buf, 1000, out int len);  pkg.HeldKeys = BitConverter.ToUInt64(buf, 0); pivotList pkg.LJoyX = []BitConverter.ToInt16(buf, 8); more pkg.LJoyY = []BitConverter.ToInt16(buf, 10); if len pkg.RJoyX = BitConverter.ToInt16(arrbuf, 12) <; pkg.RJoyY = 1:BitConverter.ToInt16(buf, 14);  return arr else:pkg; pass}

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