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BCSV, known as Binary CSV, stores information relating to general content in a compact CSV format


All information in this document is from Animal Crossing: New Horizons

BCSV files contain a header which defines the number of entries, the size of each entry block, and the fields each entry has, followed by a number of entries with context-specific data


The header contains

Offset Size Description
0x00 0x4 Entry count
0x04 0x4 Entry size
0x08 0x2 Column count
0x0A 0x2 Always 0x0101
0x0C 0x4 VSCB Magic
0x10 0x2 Always 0x1027
0x12 0xA Padding
0x1C 0x8*Column count Columns


The columns are defined in the header as 2 sections; an identifier and the relative offset in each entry for that entries column value

Offset Size Description
0x00 0x4 Identifier
0x04 0x4 Offset

The `Identifier` is the CRC32 of the "field name + data type", for example `UniqueID u16`. In the case of AC:NH these are entirely in-lined and the game has no knowledge of the pre-hashed strings, so knowing what the fields original names are requires calculating them yourself

The data type for each field is only known at compile time and therefore there is no way to 100% know what each data type is. It is possible roughly determine the type by checking the data size, though (IE, data with a size of 2 could be an int16)


Entries always begin with their offset relative to the file start, and then contain the entries data

Offset Size Description
0x00 0x4 Offset relative to file start
0x04 Entry data