Aal/BARS (File Format)

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An Audio ReSource archive is used to hold small audio files, pointers to larger stream files outside of the archive, and audio metadata. In pre-Switch versions of aal, SARC archives were used as .bars files.


Offset Type Description
0x0 UInt32 "BARS" (0x53524142) magic number
0x4 UInt32 File size
0x8 UInt16 Endianness (0xFEFF for little, 0xFFFE for big)
0xA UInt16 Always 0x101 (might be version number? file will not be loaded with other values)
0xC UInt32 Number of files
N/A UInt32[] CRC32 hashes for each BAMETA
N/A FileEntry[] File entries

File entry

Offset Type Description
0x0 UInt32 Offset to BAMETA file
0x4 UInt32 Offset to BFWAV or BFSTP file